Drivers Eye HD Video Visibility Studies

Expert Witness Testimony Gets Them Admitted Into Evidence
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For fifty years, PAUL KAYFETZ INC has routinely gotten the following admitted into evidence:

  • Visibility studies
  • Night-time photography
  • Computer and video simulations
  • Test video/photos
  • Photogrammetry photo measuring
  • Enhance Video
  • Enhance Security, Dash Cam, Body Cam Video

Our computer engineers, video engineers, and engineering photography experts:

  • Apply accepted engineering measurements procedures
  • Have published numerous peer-reviewed engineering papers
  • Use HD video systems that produce movie theater quality
  • Apply computer techniques for lifelike photorealistic images
    (not computer cartoons)
  • Coordinate with the best accident reconstruction and human factors experts for technical accuracy

Each year we help attorneys win and save hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Plan & complete technical testing

We frequently help plan complete technical testing, visibility study, computer simulation, and demonstrative evidence strategy – coordinating a group of technical witnesses who are independently retained by counsel. This is requested by many clients because of Mr. Kayfetz’ track record, his previous career as an attorney, his extensive contacts with top experts from his fifty years experience as an engineering photography consultant working with the best forensic witnesses on many of the major cases during those decades, and upon his membership and participation in major engineering societies.

Experience & Expertise

This results primarily from our experience and expertise. It also stems from our ability to discover measurements from existing photos. Phantom Skidmark

Keeping opponents’ work out of evidence

A major part of our work is evaluating and keeping out of evidence opponents’ forensic photography, computer simulations, or computer animations which do not comply with the rules of evidence. This has swung multi-million dollar results several times in recent years. $62 Million Verdict

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(415) 868-0480



P.O. Box 310
Bolinas, CA 94924