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1.   File review, analysis, photography, telephone (0.25 hr. minimum),
      conference, travel time, etc.
$450 per hour
2.   Appearance at court (file review, travel & conference time billed
      additionally at normal rates).
$3000 per half day or portion thereof.
3.   Deposition

      NB: Only the Number of Hours Estimated and Prepaid Will Be Reserved.
      (Prepayment by deposing attorney must be made per CCP. If payment is
      by check, it must be received one week in advance. A one-week notice
      of cancellation is needed for a refund).
$500 per hour
4.   Technicians, Video or Computer Engineers (depending on task): $90-300/hr
5.   Equipment rental equivalency charge portal-to-portal from our office
      when taken to scene, depositions, courts, or offices:
1% of retail price/day
6.   Photographic unit charges include supervision, inspection,
      reordering, pickup, & delivery time.

7.   Airfare is normally first class.

8.   Mileage charge 65 cents/mile

Normally a non-refundable retainer of $5000 is required before work is begun. The retainer is held and applied to the final balance. Invoices are submitted approximately each month and must be kept current. Should any dispute arise concerning billings, venue shall be in Marin County and the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees and costs of litigation.